Six Easy Steps


Oloös   Six steps to take you through the entire process of creating your dream kitchen and makes the whole experience as easy, enjoyable and thoroughly satisfying as possible.

First we need the measurements of the room , we also need the sizes of the doors and windows and there position on the walls, 

you can send us a plan or drawing via our contact page or just call us with the details what ever works best for you 


We are only interested in finding out exactly what you want. Your very own personal designer will need accurate measurements and an idea of what you want to happen in your new kitchen. Then they will take care of everything and be your point of contact throughout every step of the project, giving you complete peace of mind. Did we mention that our design service is completly free, no obligation quote & valid for 30 days.


Oloö’s designers only design kitchens. We are kitchen experts and aware of all the latest trends, technologies and design possibilities. Using the latest 3D software, we create a generated image of how your kitchen will appear; giving you the chance to see it from all angles and discuss ideas. There is no ‘one size fits all’ attitude at Oloö. Our design is one that takes into account your tastes, passions, interests and budget, as well as the space you have and appliances you need.


Upon agreeing the kitchen layout, we begin to explore ways of enhancing and personalising your kitchen. We have hundreds of ways to make your kitchen really ‘yours’, including a huge array of worktops, innovative appliances, ingenious storage solutions, lighting and tiling. As tastes and budgets vary from person to person, Oloö offer an abundance of choice; from traditional homeliness, contemporary design, classic styles or the latest trends. As a result, no two Oloö kitchens need ever be the same.


Every Oloö kitchen is made-to-order to your personal design specification, to ensure that it is as unique as you are. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is the only one of its kind in the UK and we will only begin to make your customised kitchen after your order has been placed.


Oloö provide instructions, which are simple but helpful kitchen installation guidelines. We list the sequence of events you need to follow to successfully install your kitchen and point out some of the potential complications that could arise or cause delays during installation. We at Oloö strongly advise you to get professional help if you are at all unsure on any of the points covered in the guide pages.


Care represents the ultimate in after sales care, purpose designed to boost trust and confidence for customers who choose Oloö. This totally unique concept means that we don’t just take it for granted that you are happy with your Oloö kitchen. We will contact you each year for 5 years after you have received your kitchen to make sure everything is to your satisfaction. When we do contact you we will also provide you with with lots of useful advice concerning the on-going care and maintenance of your kitchen.