In order to provide you with a great price for your very own bespoke kitchen, we need to first of all design it. So with that in mind we will need some more details from you.

  1. The measurements of your room including the proximity of doors and windows. Please be aware that accurate meaursements will allow us to give a much more accurate quote.
  2. Where you would like elements of the kitchen to be positioned in relation to the design – i.e. the kitchen sink under the largest window or washing machine beside patio doors.
  3. The style of door you would like for your kitchen. In case you are stuck for ideas or inspiration you can visit some our suppliers websites below – just click on the images.

Once you have supplied us with those details, we will be able to start designing your kitchen. To do so you can use our contact form to send the relevant details, send your own custom email to or you can telephone on 02893 344899.


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