An Oloo kitchen is of lasting value

It is expression of individuality and personality. A contribution to a better quality of life. The Oloo brand has inspired confidence and certainty. It stands for power of innovation and contemporary aesthetics, based on principles of architecture and function. A pronounced love of detail and high flexibility when fulfilling customers’ special requirements make Oloo kitchens unmistakeable.

The name Oloo itself, stands for lasting value, durability and aesthetic quality.

Honesty in the use of materials, ecological processing and choice of material are part of the Company policy. High quality in product and service is number one on the list. Oloo kitchens produce rooms of highest individuality where it is a pleasure to be in and spend time with family and friends, cooking together and talking. One’s own space that creates the luxury of wellbeing and with it a greater value.

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Design And Build

The aesthetics of an Oloo kitchen do not bow to short lived trends.
In fact, timelessness and Zeitgeist have been blended to form a harmonious overall concept. The product development exclusively in-house, is based on the principles of ergonomics, functionality and sustainability.

Anything that is standard will be newly defined for every customer.
In order to meet the complexity of the product, highly flexible production methods and the latest control technology are used. However, craftsmanship, know-how and the experience of the personnel in the production process are essential.
A perfect interaction of man and machine. Made in Northern Ireland.